First Post

For somebody who does an English degree and wants to be a writer I think it’s safe to say I definitely do not do enough writing. So here I am, after having finished all of my exams, thinking… I’m just so bored. It’s funny how when you’re busy all you want is to lie in bed and have no responsibilities, but when you’re lying in bed with no responsibilities all you want is to be busy. I enjoy my own company to an extent but then I end up driving myself crazy with my own thoughts. And just constantly thinking… I could be doing something way more productive with my time right now. So here it is, my feeble attempt to feel ‘productive’ – a my silly, pointless, first ever post on WordPress that hopefully I can look back on one day and think- I’m so glad I wrote that! This could be the start of my career as a writer, this could get the ball rolling. Realistically I’m kinda just talking to myself and procrastinating getting up.



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