Places I’d Rather Be 

On a Sunday night sitting in my dingey university house I can never stop my mind from wandering to imagine all the places I’d rather be. The main one obviously being home. I don’t get homesick at university and luckily I never really have, but I do occasionally get a sense of longing for my bed at home and all the comforts of being there. Having my pets around, always having food in the fridge, heating that actually works.

Then, as that awful Sunday feeling gets progressively worse I start to let my mind wander to even greater extents. What if I just got on a plane and got a round- the-world ticket? I think seeing constant photos on Instagram of beautiful, exotic places all around the world, especially knowing so many friends who are currently travelling, inevitably gives me a sense of envy.

I just try to remember that all of that is within my reach, and for now I just have to try and be satisfied with my dingey little house in Nottingham.


One thought on “Places I’d Rather Be 

  1. What a beautiful setting! I love nature and especially being by a body of water. Certainly you can find 2 things that you enjoy there? 😀


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