Too Scared to Commit

I have been trying for a while to get into WordPress and to finally start writing. I have erratically tried to commit myself to it, but I think the main thing stopping me is fear.

You know when you want something so badly, you’re too scared to even try in case you fail? In my head I’ve always been a writer, but I think part of me is so scared to consistently and actively commit myself to writing in case I find out I’m actually awful and always have been, and this whole writer persona has just been a delusion.

I just wanted to say how motivated I feel to start using this website more, and all because of how unbelievably supportive and kind everyone on here is! I’ve never known an online platform that is so welcoming, despite how bare my page is at the moment. So to anyone who has followed/commented on my posts in these early days I just want you to know how much I appreciate it, and I will hopefully be interacting with you guys a lot more from now on!


3 thoughts on “Too Scared to Commit

  1. I enjoy your writing style very much. I can feel your passion…I mean, it seems that your writing just flows from you. I look forward to watching your blog grow. Just put your heart into it and you will be amazed……

    More than that, I would love to see some of your art! I am not artistic at all. 😦
    What kind of art did you love most? I am excited to see you become active in what you love doing.

    Life has taught me, that when I follow my passion, I am the happiest and life becomes magical.
    You wrote of your imaginary worlds you lived and loved as a child. How fortunate you are to have them and you should revisit them now. I would be living in those worlds if I were you. What fun and how happy it would make my heart.
    Do those magical lands have anything to do with your love of art?


    1. Thank you, that really does mean a lot as I’ve always been so apprehensive about writing online in case it all comes out wrong. Your words really have made my day!

      I was always most interested in drawing people and animals. As I got a bit older I got more into painting and particularly liked doing expressive pieces of people’s faces and sometimes the odd self portrait. I really want to start doing my art again over the summer as I will have the time. Just about making those small steps.

      You are so right. And yes, it was magical… being young everything has a slightly different atmosphere, a different tint, it’s more colourful and vibrant and everything is an adventure. All I ever want is to feel that way again, to find a way to feel that free rather than constantly trapped like I have been recently.
      And yes they definitely do, I’ve always had an extremely over active imagination which is why I always loved those sorts of pretend games when I was little, but also why I always (and still do) have nightmares, as well as being able to lucid dream but then also suffering with sleep paralysis. Honestly sometimes I just think I’m mad, my mind is so over active and bizarre at times.

      Thanks again so much for your support, I really can’t express how much it helps my confidence. You seem like a great person!

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