Just a clueless 20 year old trying to find my way in the world and hopefully writing a few things about it as I do…


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  1. Take heart, dear one…and thanks for visiting my blog…I’m still learning about LIFE this side of Heaven in all my dusty existence…Hope some of what I share encourages you in your journey… Blessings on ye…

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    1. Haha, again this comes from my childhood and over active imagination… I always used to, and still do believe they exist. As stupid as that sounds. They’ve always fascinated me, which probably originated with ‘The little mermaid’ being my favourite movie. Growing up I’ve always read books about them, researched them, and continued to convince myself of their existence. I mean, over 90% of the ocean is unexplored, who knows what’s out there? It’s practically like outer space, it’s just so mysterious and we can’t possibly truly comprehend what’s down there.

      I’ve always hoped my first novel would be about mermaids, but I still haven’t figured out the plot!

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      1. I believe mermaids are very real.. I believe you are blessed to have an ” active imagination’. I believe THAT is where life really is. I believe that the world of fairy tales is actually how life is meant to be. I believe you are more fortunate, than most, to even want to live your imagination.
        I LOVE my active imagination ! It is so much fun to play with….

        Maybe you want to drop the label of “over-active” and simply know it is normal and healthy to have an imagination.. 😀
        Crazy, huh?

        And, perhaps, if you just start writing your mermaid novel, it will naturally develop into a fantastic read!
        Your novel is in you, I can feel it, you just need to “allow” it and stop fighting it…. Hugz


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