Too Scared to Commit

I have been trying for a while to get into WordPress and to finally start writing. I have erratically tried to commit myself to it, but I think the main thing stopping me is fear.

You know when you want something so badly, you’re too scared to even try in case you fail? In my head I’ve always been a writer, but I think part of me is so scared to consistently and actively commit myself to writing in case I find out I’m actually awful and always have been, and this whole writer persona has just been a delusion.

I just wanted to say how motivated I feel to start using this website more, and all because of how unbelievably supportive and kind everyone on here is! I’ve never known an online platform that is so welcoming, despite how bare my page is at the moment. So to anyone who has followed/commented on my posts in these early days I just want you to know how much I appreciate it, and I will hopefully be interacting with you guys a lot more from now on!


Air Max 95

If I weren’t a poor student and I could have any pair of shoes, it would be these. The classic vintage style, adorable colour and thick heel giving a good amount of height (which is great if you’re 5’1 like me) make these shoes a solid 10/10.img_3167

Unfortunately, after trailing around the internet it seems one can’t purchase these beauties for less than £100, which you could pretty much expect from any brand like Nike/Adidas. Personally, I’m loving the comeback of vintage sports brands in recent times, these items are gorgeous and timeless! Obviously things like the airmax 95 are even more classic, and such brands are always coming out with new designs. In my opinion, nothing beats these though! If anyone wants to kindly buy me them, I will kindly accept.


Happy Sunday!